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Smart Pool NE290 Smart Ring Drain Cover for In-Ground Pool Cleaners

Smart Pool NE290 Smart Ring Drain Cover for In-Ground Pool Cleaners
Prevent robotic pool cleaners from getting stuck on anti-vortex main drains with the Smart Ring Drain Cover. Install drain cover by placing ring over main drain. The ribbed design coupled with the raised apex at the center of the ring prevents the robotic cleaner from getting stuck as it cleans your pool floor. Works with any robotic pool cleaner.
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Aquabot Supreme Robotic IG Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Supreme Robotic IG Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Supreme scrubs and vacuums debris off the floor, walls and even grime along the waterline. The fine mesh filter bags trap the large and small debris down to 2 microns, This operates independent of your pool's filter and works without costly-to-run booster pumps. The NeverStuckTM system comes standard. Cleaning coverage on this cleaner up to 6800 square feet per hour.
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Aquabot Turbo T2 Cleaner with Caddy for In-Ground Pools

Aquabot Turbo T2 Cleaner with Caddy for In-Ground Pools
Aquabot Turbo T2 uses the same state of the art technology as the Turbo T, except the T2 is even faster! This robotic dynamo will spotlessly clean up to 5000 gallons in only one hour. Turbo T2 runs on its own low voltage power source, so it is safe and economical to use. An internal microprocessor guides Turbo T2 around your pool to systematically clean it from waterline to deep end. Relax and enjoy your pool this summer and leave the cleaning to Turbo T2. Comes complete with caddy, filter bag, 61 feet of cord and transformer. Aquabot Turbo T2 Cleaner with Caddy for In-Ground Pools:
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Aquabot Bravo Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Bravo Pool Cleaner
Comes equipped with our patented PVA Brushes. Originally designed to climb the slick tile walls of pools, PVA Brushes offer 100% greater traction,virtually clinging to the walls providing unequaled gripping ability. This special material lasts twice as long as conventional rubber brushes and resists oil,bacteria,algae and other contaminants" Specify Rubber Brushes only if your pool is "rough concrete". We are very pleased to introduce the newest, most up-to-date technology we have to offer. Aqua Smart System is an intelligent program for robotic pool cleaners that JETS the cleaner to fully cover and efficiently clean any standard residential swimming pool in approximately ONE HOUR! Prior to the Aqua Smart System, all robotic cleaners functioned randomly, lacking a systematic cleaning pattern, and ultimately requiring an excessive six hours to thoroughly clean an entire swimming pool. These robots spend a lot of unnecessary time on the walls in order to change direction and to reach different areas of the pool. Our robots equipped with Aqua Smart JET System can change direction on the pool's bottom without any additional mechanical devices (pistons, motors, etc.). In addition, a very smart mathematical algorithm installed in the brain of the machine enables the robot to cover the pool bottom and walls in a systemized fashion and without wasting time. Extensive research, testing, and customer feedback supports our claim: we canclean any standard residential swimming pool, regardless of shape, in approxiamtely ONE HOUR! This technology yields many advantages: 1. Rapid JET Cleaning 2. Saved Energy 3. Extended life of the mechanical parts and consequently extended warranty from the manufacturer.
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Maytronics 2016 Dolphin E10 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner- NEW for 2016

Maytronics 2016 Dolphin E10 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner- NEW for 2016 - Inground and Above-ground 99996133-US
The Dolphin E-10 Robotic Cleaner scrubs your complete pool floor. Add more convenience to your pool cleaning. Easy-care filtration and other advanced features enable intervention-free cleaning in all pool conditions.Enjoy Crystal-clear water, Peace of Mind, Effortless operation & superior cleaning resultsDolphin E-10 Robotic Pool Cleaner Features:? Easy-Clean filtration leaves water crystal-clear? Active brush rotates at 2x the speed of the robot, resulting in enhanced cleaning capabilities helping to remove live algae and bacteria? CleverCleantm sensor technology provides complete cleaning of pool floor? Top-access filtration system - with quick, no-mess emptying and washing? Lightweight and easy to handle? Fast, debris-free rapid water release? Lightweight yet durable construction? Performs up to VGB Compliance standards? #1 rated performance amongst professional dealer base? Proven reliability - made by Maytronics, the leader in robotic pool cleaners? Designed with the safest electrical components in the industrySpecifications: * 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty * Floor clean only * 1 1/2 hour cleaning cycyle * Top Access Easy Clean Net Canister Filtration system * Lightweight Design * CleverClean Pool Coverage with Obstacle Escape System, Maytronics famous microchip technology creates precise navigation of the entire pool floor. * Active Brushing. Brush spins at 2x the speed of the robot for removal of algae and debris. * Fast Clean-water release- keeps the dirt and debris out of the pool water while you are removing the cleaner from the pool. * Eco-friendly weather resistant power supply with simple touch screen control.
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AQUABOT ABSONIC Sonic Pool Cleaner

AQUABOT ABSONIC Sonic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Sonic: Deep cleans scrubs and vacuums pool floors, coves and walls with Super Grip PVA wheels for excellent traction on even the slipperiest of surfaces. The Sonics Super Grip PVA brush excels at scrubbing with its sponge like texture to reach every nook and crevice that standard brushes may miss. The Sonic deep cleans pool surfaces with an efficient 2 hour cleaning cycle and includes an easy-to-clean self-contained filter cartridge.  The Sonic also features a long 50 foot cable and the Aquabot swivel cable which helps prevent tangling. Deep cleanings costs less than 5 cents per cycle hour - Plug-n-play, no pre-installation needed and no connections to existing pool systems. Self-programmed for optimal pool scanning. 1 Year Warranty.
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SkimmerMotion - The Automatic Pool Cleaner, Skimmer & Clarifier - Su

SkimmerMotion - The Automatic Pool Cleaner - Skimmer & Clarifier - Suction Skimmer for Pools Up to 8 Ft deep
SkimmerMotion, is an automatic pool skimmer that clean & clarify your pool surface. Its moves along with your automatic pool cleaner, eliminating dust, bugs and small leaves. It clean your pool faster for your enjoyment. SkimmerMotion continuously recycle the pool surface water to the filtration system, clarifying your water. In few days you will see your pool more crystalline. Skimmer MotionTM picks up all the bugs and debris BEFORE they reach the bottom of the pool. Bigger leafs and debris will also be cleaned and collected by our patented "Crown" system inside the Skimmer Motion's nucleus. It reaches where no other pool cleaner can! To use SkimmerMotionTM, you just need to attach it to any of the most popular Automatic Pool Cleaners (APC). They will work together harmoniously to bring you the cleanest pool you've seen at home. SkimmerMotionTM is NOT supported with the pressure pool cleaners such as POLARIS Polaris 260, 280 360 or 380, Pentair Pressure cleaners such as RACER, PLATINUM or LEGEND, Vacuum cleaners with non-stand hose connector (1 ¼"): Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. and PoolMaid due to their non-standard hose connectors. To Connect Barracuda® (ZODIAC) MX8, X7, T3 and T5 you need a SkimmerMotion Zodiac Adapter SOLD SEPARATE.
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Blue Wave NE3285F Aquafirst Super Rover Robotic Pool Cleaner

Blue Wave NE3285F Aquafirst Super Rover Robotic Pool Cleaner
The low-profile super fast Aquafirst Super Rover Robotic Pool Cleaner is the finest economical robotic cleaner for in ground and above ground pools. Our fully automatic dynamo features an advanced Linear Jet motor that delivers superior suction and faster cleaning times. Super Rover is programmed to make your pool spotless in one to two hours. Super Rover has its own filtration system and will remove dirt, algae, bacteria, debris from your pool floor with ease. A completely safe 48 volt DC motor is powerful but costs pennies a day to operate. Super Rover cleans vinyl, gunite and fiberglass pools as well as in-ground and above-ground shapes. Wide improved tread wheels will not slip or slide on vinyl surfaces and easily clean every inch of your pool floor. Super Rover's more powerful motor picks up large debris that others would leave behind. The unit's enclosed filtration system disperses heat & chemicals throughout your pool and also reduces the amount of time your existing filter has to run. Super Rover is easy to use and comes complete with an updated power supply, dual easy cleaning filter bags, 40 ft. of floating, kink-free cord with EZ swivel. Invest in the finest, most economical robotic cleaner for above-ground and in-ground pools!
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Hexbug AquaBot Jellyfish, Purple

Hexbug AquaBot Jellyfish - Purple
HEXBUG AquaBot Jellyfish Loaded with smart fish technology, this new Jellyfish will amp up the action of your robotic aquarium with its vibrant inner glow and 15 pre-programmed swimming routines. Watch as the Jellyfish uses its 18 tentacles and powerful engine to spin and swim gracefully as it explores its new home. Want your Jellyfish to dive deeper? No Problem! For the first time ever, users can adjust the HEXBUG AquaBot'sTM buoyancy (using adjustable weights in battery door). HEXBUG AquaBotTM Jellyfish is available in 5 translucent colors. Collect them all! 3 Button cell batteries included This product is compliant with CPSIA standards. Ages 3+
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Aqua Products Aquabot Turbo T4-RC Residential Robotic Swimming Pool Clea

Aqua Products Aquabot Turbo T4-RC Residential Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner
The Aquabot Turbo T4-RC gives you all the control at your finger tips and cleans hard to reach areas using dual-drive motors and a 3 button wireless remote control. Patented power washing jets pressure wash the pool flor to loosen stubborn debris and algae. This robust cleaner is equipped with the NeverStuck™ system that easily rolls over most obstacles including VGB drain covers.Features & Benefits Include:- Compatible with external timer- 3 button wireless remote control- Cleans and scrubs pool floor, walls and waterline- Climbs 90 degree floor to wall transitions- Includes extra long 75' cable- Free caddy includedSpecifications:Pool Use:- Type: In-ground- Shape: All- Surface type: AllFeature / Function:- Drive motors: Dual drive motors- Wall climbing: Yes- Filter loading: Bottom access- Filter type: Fine filter bag- Length of cable: 75'- Power washing jets: Yes- NeverStuck™ Rollers: Yes- Timer - auto shut off: 1-7 hour adjustable shut off- Power supply: Digital- Warranty: 3 years limited, 1st year B2B, 2 & 3 year limited- Remote control: 4-way remote controlPerformance:- Gallons per minute: 75- Operating cost per hour: $0.05- Cleaning time: Approximately 1-2 hoursSpecification:- Electrical requirements: 120v / 60Hz- Watts: 230W
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