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EZ-DE Swimming Pool Diatomaceous Earth DE Filter Media Powder (60 sqft)

Normal DE - The OLD way

Adding DE to your pool used to be a messy and tedious ordeal. Having to drag out a big and bulky paper bag or box, finding scissors or a knife to open it or tear it open making a mess.

Then having to figure out how much to add which means finding a measuring cup or coffee can the right size and then you still have to calculate how many scoops to use.

Then after you figure all that out, you have to scoop out all that messy powder which gets all over your hands and arms, in your face, on your clothes, and all over the pool deck.

Then you have to close up the box or bag and find a nice big and dry place in your garage to store it or else the bag will turn to mush.

It's no wonder homeowners hate the whole process; they rarely ever really get it right; and worst of all many decide to skip the whole ordeal all together.

EZ-DE - The BETTER way

EZ-DE is real DE that solves all the headaches with the current method of adding DE to your filter after a backwash.

EZ-DE is a precisely measured, single backwash dose of DE in a beautifully clean, easy to open and pour plastic pouch.

You simply select the right size EZ-DE pouch that matches your filter size, it has an easy tear open top and you simply pour the pouch into the skimmer after each backwash.

It's Super Clean because the single use plastic pouch keeps the DE off your skin, clothes, and pool deck and puts it right in the skimmer where it belongs.

It's super Accurate because the amount of DE in the pouch is the precise amount for your filter size so there is no need to calculate measure or scoop.

The proper charge of DE makes your filter work better, keeps the water cleaner and saves on maintenance cost.

EZ-DE comes in 3 standard sizes to accommodate all residential DE filters.

EZ-DE Swimming Pool Diatomaceous Earth DE Filter Media Powder (60 sqft) Features

  1. Precisely measured amount of DE to recharge your filter after a backwash or cleaning. Use 1 full bag after each backwash or cleaning. 1 bag = 1 backwash. There is no need to measure or scoop DE out of a big bag or box which you have to store until the next time you need it. You only buy what you need and no more.
  2. Keeps DE powder off your face, skin, clothes and puts it directly into the skimmer where it belongs
  3. Solves all the headaches associated with adding DE to your pool after a backwash or filter cleaning
  4. Make sure to select the right size EZ-DE bag that matches your filter. 3 sizes are available, 36sqft, 48sqft, and 60sqft. 72sqft filters use 2xEZ-DE36 bags. If your filter is not one of these standard sizes then simply select the EZ-DE bag closest in size to your filter size.

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