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Panel Clamp assembly for Heliocol Swimming Pool Solar Panels - HC-113 -

Panel Clamp assembly for Heliocol Swimming Pool Solar Panels - HC-113 - 4 Pack
This breakthrough plastic polymer clamp is used to connect heliocol and sunstar solar swimming pool heating panels. This durable, specially-engineered clamp never requires replacement and never needs to be tightened. The panel clamp allow panels to be mounted closer together for a more attractive and more efficient system with no wasted space. Part number - hc-113
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1-2'X20' SunQuest Solar Swimming Pool Heater - Max-Flow

1-2'X20' SunQuest Solar Swimming Pool Heater - Max-Flow
SunQuest solar pool heaters feature premium quality, superior technology, highest rated performance and second-to-none reliability. It simply works - and keeps on working so you can enjoy evening swims from early spring through late fall in luxurious warm water. SunQuest's high performance swimming pool solar heating systems can be installed in just 30 minutes. These panels are Professional Grade quality, equal or better to other systems costing thousands of dollars. The Sunquest Solar Panels are simply unsurpassed in value! The panels come standard with connectors to attach to 1-1/2" & 1-1/4" flexible hose.
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Down Under Black/Blue Solar Cover - 16x32 Rectangle In ground Pool - 120

Down Under Black Blue Solar Cover - 16x32 Rectangle In ground Pool - 120 Grade - Premium Solar Heater Blanket
Down Under Solar covers use the cutting edge in Australian solar technology. Australia has the strongest rays from the sun, and the Down under solar cover can withstand those rays with its patented black on blue solar blanket material. Black solar covers not only heat the pool quicker, they pro long the life of the cover giving you years of heat for your swimming pool!
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Sun2Solar Blue 18-Foot-by-40-Foot Rectangle Solar Heating Swimming Pool

Sun2Solar Blue 18-Foot-by-40-Foot Rectangle Solar Heating Swimming Pool Cover Blanket with 6 pack Quick Drain Grommet System - 12 Mil
A solar cover is a great way to capture the sun’s heat and take full advantage of this natural resource to heat your above-ground or in-ground swimming pool. The benefits of owning a solar cover are plentiful and serve a multitude of purposes. Cover Benefits: Take advantage of the sun's FREE HEAT resulting in a warmer water Made from durable resin material Constructed with thousands of small air bubbles to capture and transmit heat from the sun to your swimming pool Blocks undesired dirt and debris from your pool Helps prevent up to 95% of pool water evaporation, thus reducing heat loss at night or on cloudy days. Cover Details: Size: 18’ x 40’ Cover Style: Blue Shape: Rectangle Mil: 12 NOTE: Please remember that the bubbles on the cover face DOWN into the water! Warranty 6 Years / 2 Year Full of Limited Warranty Coverage against manufacturer's defects **Disclaimer** Please note that solar covers may come with 2" - 11" of overlap to allow trimming to fit your pool - Trimming will NOT void the manufacturer’s warranty.
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1' x 8' Enersol Solar Pool Heater w/Hardware

1' x 8' Enersol Solar Pool Heater w Hardware
Enersol's easy-to-install solar pool heating panels ensure warmer pool temperatures of up to 15 degrees, with no heating bills. So versatile they can be put anywhere the sun shines. The Solarprene® rubber is completely resistant to pool chemicals, harsh UV rays and extreme hot and cold temperatures. Pool water is pumped using your existing pool pump to the panels raising your water temperature. Temperature increases have averaged 10-15 degrees when properly sized. Enersol provides an 18 year limited warranty against defects in the solar collector panels, ensuring many years of worry-free pool heating. An installation kit is required per system install. (Not included) Box includes: 1- 1' x 10' Panel 1- Top Mounting Strap 1- Cross Over Strap 3- Bolts 2- Clips 2- O-rings
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[UPGRADED]1.6W Solar Fountain Pump for Bird Bath, TekHome Sun Powered Sm

[UPGRADED]1.6W Solar Fountain Pump for Bird Bath - TekHome Sun Powered Small Submersible Floating Easy 20-inch Water Pump Kit for Outdoor Pond Garden Swimming Pool - Adjustable Flow - 4 Nozzles.(SF01)
TekHome SF01 Solar Fountain Pump⚠Warning⚠❌🔋NO built-in battery to store power.☀☀Only work when sunlight is sufficient in the daytime. The fountain height is determined by sunlight strength.⛅☁Don't work when it is cloudy or the sun is behind cloud [Features] ★Solar powered, no battery or wire needed, auto running ★Patent calendula shape perfect as garden decoration ★4 nozzles offer 4 different water patterns ★Small flexible size for birdbath, fish tank, pond and swimming pool [How to Use] ①Ensure the pump is fixed firmly on the bottom of the fountain to avoid vibration. ②Choose a nozzle to plug onto the jack of the pump. ③Immerse the pump in the water with its nozzle over the water. ④Put the solar panel under sufficient sunlight and be better to face direct sunlight. [Caution] ①Be sure to put enough water in the fountain especially on sunny days; Always keep the pump under the water surface. ②Change water frequently to keep the water clean to avoid any dirt to block the pump. ③Be careful to protect the solar panel to avoid any damage. ④Keep the surface of solar panel clean constantly. [Spec] Weight: 8.8oz (250g) Size of solar panel: Φ160mm*25mm (Φ6.3*1in) Power of solar battery: 7V, 1.6W Power of pump: 7V, 1.1W Max flow of pump: 160L/H Max lift of pump: 100cm (39.4in) Max water height: 30-50cm (11.8-19.7in) Life time: >10000 Hours Delay:
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Eco Saver 20-Foot Solar Heating Panel System

Eco Saver 20-Foot Solar Heating Panel System
The Eco Saver 20-foot solar panel system is designed to warm your pool water by absorbing free heat from the sun. Water flows through the multiple tubes in the solar panels collecting heat as it circulates. The heated water warms your pool and saves energy costs.
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Kokido Bypass Kit for Above Ground Swimming Pools Solar Water Heaters |

Kokido Bypass Kit for Above Ground Swimming Pools Solar Water Heaters | K874WBX
The Kokido Bypass Kit for Solar Heaters is a set of tools that will allow you to connect your solar water heaters together to heat your pool water more efficiently than ever. The Bypass Kit is ideal for use with solar heaters for above ground pools. It helps warm your larger pool effectively and to bypass the heaters when they're not in use. Now you don't have to continually disconnect and reconnect your solar heaters. Turn the knob to turn on, turn off, or just adjust the water flow. The kit includes a 72-inch hose, 3-way bypass valve, T connector, pressure gauge, 3 threaded hose connectors, 6 stainless steel hose clamps, and teflon tape. The kit is required to connect the heaters or when using a Solar Pro with a pool pump that's 1 HP or greater. Warm your pool water efficiently and never worry about disconnecting your solar heaters again with the Kokido Bypass Kit for Solar Heaters.
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LEESONS INC Roof Solar Heating Panel Swimming Pool Heater

LEESONS INC Roof Solar Heating Panel Swimming Pool Heater
Features: • Heats your pool to a warm, comfortable temperature • Heating quicker per unit time than most in market • Increases your pool water temperature up to 20°C - 30°C • High resistance to ozone, weathering and abrasion - *Withstand all types of climates and weather conditions for many years - *Stand up to pool chemicals • Easy and fast installation design • Panel can be mounted beside the pool or hung on roof • Recommended universal to 32-38mm hose adapter, D50mm PVC Pipe for this set Solar Panel. Specification : * Suitable Pool: Above-ground or In-ground * UV Resistance: Yes * BTU Ratings: 80,000 BTU to 100,000 BTU per day Package Contents: • 1 Set of Solar Panel • 1 x Water Inter/Outlet • 1 x 26-1/4 Ft Nylon Roof Straps • 1 x Collar • 6 x Joint Pipes • 2 x Screws • 2 x Screw Expansion Pipes • 2 x Mounting bases • 6 x Cable Ties • 6 x Black Rings • 2 x End Caps • 4 x Clamps • 1 x Instruction Manual
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4-2X20 Sungrabber Solar Pool Heater for Swimming Pools with Complete Sys

4-2X20 Sungrabber Solar Pool Heater for Swimming Pools with Complete System Kit
The SunGrabber solar heating system will quickly heat your swimming pool with free, reliable heat from the sun. A properly sized solar system will provide virtually all of the heat for your pool - free! Sungrabber captures the free renewable energy from the sun to heat your pool, reducing or even eliminating your water heating bill and reducing the amount of electricity you use. The system circulates pool water through solar panels and uses solar energy to warm the water as it returns to the pool. Our panels feature 1-1/2" headers, which allow for excellent circulation through the solar panels, thereby maximizing the solar efficiency. Additional panels can be added to the system to achieve optimal heating capacity. For total solar heating, the solar panel square footage should be at least equal to 50% of the pool's surface area. Our SunGrabber Solar System can supply 100% of your pool's heating needs. Comes with easy to follow instructions for a simple do-it-yourself project.
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